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Enterprise Property Management provides complete property management which basically means we do it all.  Our services include preparing your property for rent, finding you a qualified tenant, and full-service property management thereafter, all for a single low monthly fee.

Unlike other Los Angeles and Orange County property management companies, our low monthly fee covers EVERYTHING, including finding and placing a qualified tenant in your property.


Beware!  Some Los Angeles and Orange County property management companies quote a lower monthly fee but then “surprise” property owners with a long list of extra fees, such as rent-up fees (fee to find and place a new tenant in your property), start-up/set-up fees, photography fees, cancellation fees, and some pretty creative administrative fees.  Many even add on surcharges for repairs made on your property by their vendors.  This is not a problem you will encounter with Enterprise Property Management.  We do not charge any such fees.  The only surprise you will get is how well we do our job

We generally do not try to compete with other companies on price; instead we compete on quality of service.  However, we encourage you to compare our fees with that of our competitors, and we are confident you will find we have one of the lowest management fees in southern California.  In fact, our fee is generally small enough to easily be incorporated into the monthly rent amount.

Do you have more than one unit/property or does your property rent for more than $3,000?  We may have a special discount for you.

What is peace of mind worth to you?  I guarantee our fee is lower.

Remember, it costs nothing to get started. 

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